Can you afford to keep paying ad agencies to create your videos?


Stop Hiring Agencies, Start Creating In-House. Create and Post More Content. Drive More Sales. Build Brand Awareness. Save Time and Money. Don’t waste another dollar or second hiring an agency, production company, or videographer. What if you could train yourself or your team to create professional and effective video content in-house?

In the digital world we live in today, video has become king of content. As a medium it drives the most engagements, it creates the deepest emotional connection with the audience and converts into the most sales.

But today, the demands on video creators are scarily high. You’ve got to create more videos than ever before just to keep up with the competition, and they all need to be of excellent quality to make your brand stand out.

Most businesses simply can’t afford to keep up with video agency fees for this level of content, which can cost over $10,000 for just a few minutes of video.

But what if I told you that you could learn to create agency quality videos in just 30 days with the inexpensive equipment in the comfort of your home or office…

Hi, I’m Mitchel Dumlao, an award-winning video creator and producer.

I’ve successfully helped businesses create amazing-branded content that drove more traffic, increased engagement and made more sales - Creating videos for brands like Spotify, Sony, HBO, and Colgate.

And as you may have guessed… I own an agency and video production company, and it's called Creative Haven.

But today I’m here to tell you the TRUTH you need to know about video content!

You don’t need an agency or production company to produce a great video.

In fact, you don’t even need fancy equipment or years of film school. I know this because I’ve been helping to create award-winning video content for over ten years.

Over this time, many of my agency clients began to realize they needed to make their own content. But almost every time, they would go away only to come back weeks later asking for help. The video they created wasn’t good enough. They were too embarrassed to release their content. And they would claim they didn’t have the equipment, the time, or the expertise to ever make it good enough.

But when I looked at their content, this clearly wasn’t the case. It wasn’t a lack of any equipment or skills at all… they were missing a few simple techniques, that could lead to great video almost overnight.

And so, I worked with them to combine my extensive experience into a foolproof strategy to create awesome videos that anyone could follow. And the video content blueprint was born!

Introducing: The Video Content Blueprint

The number one course to create professional quality video for your brand in a matter of days.

In just 30 days you will:

    Create a video that will increase your landing page conversions by 86%, increase your email clickthrough rates by 65%, and boost sales since 84% of consumers say that they've been convinced to purchase a product or service after watching a brand's video!

    Learn to understand the essentials of video so you’re never confused by camera or editing technology again.

    Discover quick way to make your own content plan with our step by step guide.

    Make Professional Videos, no matter your current experience level or budget

    Be able to quickly produce high quality content that your audience loves

    Earn constant recognition, praise and importantly sales from all of your new viewers

    Know exactly which equipment to buy or rent for extra special videos and TV ads

    Grow your brand like never before…

    And so much more…

What’s included in the package

Video Content Blueprint Online Course ($1250 Value)

The step-by-step guide to creating exceptional video that will increase your online influence, engagement and conversions.

It’s delivered across 8 powerful modules, including over 8+ hours of easy to follow instructions and guides. Includes a comprehensive Worksheet that goes along with the course, helping you to effortlessly create your own unique content strategy.

​Ultimate Video Producer Toolkit ($500 Value)

The ultimate shortcut to managing the production of your own high-quality videos. Get access to all our most sought-after professional templates including, contracts, call-sheets, shot lists, and tracking documents to feel confident that your video is organised properly and has all the right protections in place.

The FoolProof Video Template Pack ($500 Value)

No more toiling over how to structure your videos. Supercharge your videos with our pre-made templates, scripts, and step-by-step guides for different video formats. You’ll save yourself hundreds of hours by following along with our easy guides to make the video process super simple.

The Video Content School Tribe (Priceless)

Access our exclusive Video Content School Facebook Group and Community, where you will be able to get support from our community to help you on your video content journey! This includes daily content and updates, educational live streams, and special guests each month – that you can’t get anywhere else!

Weekly Group Coaching ($4000/month Value)

Taking action on something you've just learned is tough when you're new - what if you still have questions? Luckily, we give you access to exclusive group coaching calls every week so you can ask me anything you want from the course and more so I can consult you and teach you live. Don't feel like you're alone, you'll have access to 1 group coaching call a week once you sign up so you can start asking questions and get live answers while you're taking the course. The perfect way to learn and stay motivated!

Plus limited-time bonuses (worth over $1500)

BONUS #1: Traffic And Marketing Course Pack ($1300 Value)

Learn the secret about how to drive traffic to your videos so you're able to get more views and become known as the number one authority in your industry. Including our social media, online posting guides and optimization checklists.

​BONUS #2: The Ultimate Stock Asset Bundle ($500 Value)

Stop worrying about shooting extra footage and buying music or other assets to make your video stand out. Our stock asset package contains everything you need including a wide range of music, images, GIF's, and more to cover every genre. So, you can have more time to spend on the parts of your business you love.

BONUS #3: Video Equipment And Software Guides ($50 Value)

Feeling like upgrading your set-up? No problem, we take the mystery out of the more luxury equipment, with bundles of guides to help you find which camera equipment is right for your budget. This includes easy setup guides for popular cameras, camera checklists, and editing templates for Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro X, and Davinci Resolve.

Loved by students and teachers worldwide

“When I started off in my career, I was super new to video making and digital media in general. Luckily, Mitchel was an amazing and patient teacher and friend to me. Mitchel constantly introduced me to new talent and people in the industry, which helped grow my network, and he was constantly teaching me new and relevant skills for my career. I now have gone to work at Snapchat's AV Studio team, as well Nike Skateboarding as an apparel and brand designer apprentice. I recommend Mitch, not only as a teacher, but a mentor and an expert in everything he does...”

- Taylor K. (Student) Los Angeles, CA

“I’ve personally had the chance to work along side Mitchel for a couple jobs and he is a great mentor for me. Even when I’m not working directly along side him he still takes time and helps me pursue my passion. I’ve always loved music photography and with his help he has helped me branch out and start covering more concerts and festivals. He’s been an amazing mentor and I can’t wait to potentially work with him in the future.”

- Gordon S. (Student) Atlanta, GA

“Mitchel is a complete professional! He has an amazing amount of knowledge as a video creator, and is an excellent teacher. Given his long and successful career, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with Mitchel as your mentor or instructor.”

- JJ E. (Industry Jump) Los Angeles, CA

“Mitchel has been an excellent instructor across several different programs with CreatorUp... I'm always impressed by Mitchel's ability to tailor the lesson to the students in the room. He is an amazing subject matter expert for our digital media courses and has such great experience to share. Mitchel is definitely one of our go-to instructors because he is reliable and professional...”

- Sophia F. (CreatorUp) Los Angeles, CA
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Backed by our 100% excellence guarantee

Let’s keep it simple, I have absolute confidence in the results offered by this course. So, if you aren’t creating outstanding video to help grow your brand, if you feel like you need to go out and hire a video agency, or even aren’t 1000% satisfied… we’ll refund the entire value of this course – no questions asked.

Here's Everything You Get Today

• Video Content Blueprint Online Course ($6500 Value) 
Ultimate Video Producer Toolkit ($500 Value)
The FoolProof Video Template Pack ($500 Value)
• The Video Content School Tribe (Priceless)
BONUS #1: Traffic And Marketing Course Pack ($500 Value) 
BONUS #2: The Ultimate Stock Asset Bundle ($500 Value)
BONUS #3: Video Equipment And Software Guides ($500 Value)

Total Value: $6000

But today, you're getting all of this...

Pricing Breakdown

Included with Program
Video content blueprint ($1250)
Ultimate video producer toolkit ($500)

Fool proof video template pack ($500)

Video content school tribe membership ($1,000)

Weekly Group coaching ($4000/month)

Bonus 1: Traffic and marketing course ($1295)

Bonus 2: Ultimate stock asset bundle ($497)

Bonus 3: Equipment and software guide ($50)

Price (worth over $5,000)

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