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Mitchel Dumlao, Founder

Second rate video can kill a brand.

Video content is the number one way to engage an audience online.

So, whether you are looking to build a personal brand, grow a business presence or simply achieve a good marketing return on investment – you need to be creating video.

But not all video leads to online success.

In a world flooded with video content, the standard of what’s expected has dramatically risen. This means if you’re not creating exceptional video, you’ll either blend into the noise or worse, ruin your reputation altogether.

Learn to create professional content

But learning to create professional quality content isn’t as hard as you think.

When your videos fail, this isn’t a lack of creativity or because you lack some kind of innate skill. You don’t need to be a “filmmaker” to create outstanding video…

There are specific rules that instantly separate amateur recordings from professional productions.

Once you learn these methods, you can easily make videos your audience will love.

Without a big budget or years of experience

If you’ve contacted a media agency you may have been quoted for a film crew, and equipment costing tens of thousands if not more.

But you don’t need fancy equipment or huge budgets to creating winning videos.

We’ve developed our courses to help you stand out with professional looking video - even if you're only using a smartphone.

Focused on modern digital media

A traditional film education would take years…

You need to learn hundreds of techniques, special effects, complex transitions, lighting set-ups and viewing angles.

Yet only a few of these techniques are ever used for commercial digital media.

Our courses are taught by instructors with 18 years of film education, but importantly with decades of hands-on experience producing modern videos that work in the social media age.

By focussing on the techniques you need to stand out online, we’re able to streamline your education and get you up and running in days – not years.

Full of real actionable insights

We know you need great video for your brand, and you need it fast.

Which is why our entire philosophy is based around action.

Dive into our step-by-step lessons, with worksheets and practical guides designed to get you making quality content from day 1.

The real secret isn’t theory – it’s lights, camera, take action!


“Mitchel is a complete professional! He has an amazing amount of knowledge as a video creator, and is an excellent teacher. Given his long and successful career, I guarantee you will not be disappointed with Mitchel as your mentor or instructor.”

- JJ E. (Industry Jump) Los Angeles, CA

“Mitchel has been an excellent instructor across several different programs with CreatorUp... I'm always impressed by Mitchel's ability to tailor the lesson to the students in the room. He is an amazing subject matter expert for our digital media courses and has such great experience to share. Mitchel is definitely one of our go-to instructors because he is reliable and professional...”

- Sophia F. (CreatorUp) Los Angeles, CA

“When I started off in my career, I was super new to video making and digital media in general. Luckily, Mitchel was an amazing and patient teacher and friend to me. Mitchel constantly introduced me to new talent and people in the industry, which helped grow my network, and he was constantly teaching me new and relevant skills for my career. I now have gone to work at Snapchat's AV Studio team, as well Nike Skateboarding as an apparel and brand designer apprentice. I recommend Mitch, not only as a teacher, but a mentor and an expert in everything he does...”

- Taylor K. (Student) Los Angeles, CA
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Eric Nishimoto, President/Program Director at J.U.I.C.E.